Online Music Therapy

Music Therapy for Children with Special Needs by Video Call


How does it work?

Music therapy is carried out online via Skype, Zoom or other video conferencing tools. I will assist you in setting up your technology to do the video calls.

What will the sessions include?

The focus of the sessions will be on supporting your family to use music as part of everyday life to support your child’s development

Do parents need to be able to play instruments?

There is no requirement for the family to be musical, I will work alongside your family to help you learn how to use music in natural ways in your everyday life with your child.

What are the benefits of music therapy online?

Online music therapy allows you to access music therapy from the comfort of your own home, in an environment familiar to you and your child.

About Me

I have over 11 years of experience in doing music therapy with over 500 young people with a wide range of special needs. I’m also doing a PhD in how music therapists can support families like yours to do music at home.

My Qualifications

I am a New Zealand Registered Music Therapist with a Masters Degree in Music Therapy (First Class Honours) from Victoria University, New Zealand.

Case Studies

Case Study A

David w as a 7 year old boy with a vision impairment, hearing loss and other complex needs. He had a low immunity and so often had to remain at home. Our Skype sessions offered David and his family an opportunity to work through ideas of how to use music during the day to meet developmental goals and also to extend David’s social engagement with the family.

Case Study B

Rachel was a 13 year old girl living in a rural town. There was no access to a local music therapist. Rachel had mild Cerebral Palsy and Autism (ASD). She attended the special needs unit of the local school. Our Skype sessions focussed on using music to help Rachel express herself via joint songwriting. Through her songwriting we could explore and discuss the successes and challenges that she faced in everyday life.


(The fees have been reduced to help support families during the COVID-19 outbreak)

USUALLY USD 85 for 60 minutes SPECIAL RATE USD 65 for 60 minutes

USUALLY USD 45 for 30 minutes SPECIAL RATE USD 40 for 30 minutes

Fees payable securely via Paypal prior to start of each session.


Ahjay has worked with my 17 year old non-verbal, blind, severely autistic and intellectually impaired child. His sessions and music have been the one activity that gives my son pleasure. It’s one of the most valuable therapies for my son and there aren’t many options available for him.

Jane G

Everyone benefits from Ahjay’s music therapy, even me as a mum! As I saw the benefits, I have been increasingly using his ideas in my everyday life. It diffuses situations that can get difficult. The techniques have also helped make routine tasks fun. It’s good for family time too! We can all get involved and everyone’s in a good mood and my child picks up on it, even when she is not well.

Sharon R.

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