Songwriter for Kid Fit Programme

Ahjay Stelino is now one of the select few providers of songs for the America’s premier kids fitness programme- KID-FIT!

Ahjay composes and records custom-made songs for the Kid-Fit fitness and education programmes.

This is an exciting partnership for Stelino Studios!


Need music for your education programme? Click below to contact Stelino Studios.



Production Music in Award Winning Doco

Ahjay’s production music has been used in the award-winning documentary ‘Birds of a Feather’ by Working Edge Pictures which was a Silver Award Winner for the Spotlight Documentary Film Awards 2015 & an Official Selection for the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival 2016.

Contact Ahjay for music for your next film and TV production!

Original White Cane Day Song

I work at the school for people who are blind or have low vision in New Zealand. As part of our music school weekend programme, I led a group that composed and recorded a song to celebrate international White Cane Day 2015.

Have a listen on the YouTube Link below. Enjoy!

Sheet Music Now Available!

Due to overwhelming requests for sheet music for the “Music Therapy Songs for Special Kids” album I have now published an e-book of the sheet music!

For each song you will find

  • A description of the song intent and use.
  • Lyrics Sheet.
  • Guitar Chords & lyrics.
  • A lead sheet which includes the melody, lyrics and chords.
  • AND A simplified guitar chord version for songs that have complex chords.

The E-Book has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible and cater for the many amateur musicians in addition to music therapists who have requested the book.

The E-Book retails for only $10 through my website. Less than $1 per song!
Click this special link to purchase the book. Payment is made securely through Pay Pal. Please allow up to 24 hours for electronic delivery of the E-Book once payment has been made.

Preview Image

Album Now Fundraising for Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre

The CD “Music Therapy Songs for Special Kids” is currently on sale at the Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre in Auckland, New Zealand. All profits from the sale of the CDs bought at Raukatauri will go towards funding their music therapy services.

Click to find out more about the Centre

Bought at CD from Raukaturi? Welcome!

You can access your free copy of the lyrics on the Music Therapy Songs Page!

Slow Down Songs for Free to Help Kids with Special Needs


Have you tried using mainstream children’s music with kids with special needs? The music is usually too fast paced for the child to access and enjoy. Slowing down recordings is an option to make the music more accessible.


Here’s how you can do it for free!

Music recordings can be slowed down by using a program called “Audacity.” This free program can be downloaded from

Following are the instructions on how to slow down a song’s tempo.

  1. The first step is to rip the song from the CD onto your computer using software such as ITunes, alternately if you have an mp3 you can go straight ahead with step 2.
  2. Open up the Audacity program.
  3. Click on “File-Import-Audio” and select the song file.
  4. Once the file is open, select “Effect-Change Tempo.”
  5. In the “percentage change” box, type a number with a negative sign before it since we want to slow down the music. I would recommend starting with -15.
  6. Click the “Ok” button.
  7. Press the green play button on the top menu bar to hear the song at its reduced tempo.
  8. If you wish to change the tempo repeat steps 5, 6 and 7.
  9. Once you have the song at an appropriate tempo, to transfer this file out of Audacity, click, “File-Export”
  10. In the dialog box that opens select the location for the file to be saved to, add a file name and in the “Save As” type box, select the “mp3 Files” option.
  11. The file can now be opened on programs such as iTunes

Please Note:

The above instructions and link were correct at the time of writing this blog , however this may change as new versions of Audacity are released. However, the general principles would still be correct.

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