Music Featured on Bindi Irwin Interview

It’s been an honour to have my music featured in an interview with Bindi Irwin on life, death and grief.

Bindi Irwin is a world renowned conservationist, television personality, Wildlife Warrior, and daughter of Steve and Terri Irwin of the world famous, Australian Zoo. In this interview, she shares her experience following the death of her father when she was just 8 years old. Bindi tells us how her life experience growing up so closely to wildlife both at the zoo and in the wild has given her a remarkable understanding of the cycle of life, death and grief. She explains how this has given her purpose, hope and a joy for life.

Click to listen to the podcast

NEW music for Special Kids out now

My new album “Relaxing songs for Special Kids” is out now ! It features 20 minutes of songs especially composed to suit children with special needs. The album is great way to help your child unwind and relax while enjoying making-music with loved ones.

The songs are composed, arranged and recorded by me at Stelino Studio. Mixing and mastering is by Emily Wheatcroft-Snape and the artwork is by Mia Carson.


A Bubbling New Dawn Out Now

Excited to share my latest instrumental release, “A Bubbling New Dawn” as part of Songbroker’s “Music from Tommorow Morning.” It’s track infused with recordings of sounds from around New Zealand. I recorded it as part of Project Sunrise which is a Songbroker Publishing initiative with support from Creative New Zealand. You can read about my process in making the track at the Project Sunrise website.

New Album “EDM Grooves” Out Now!

My new album EDM Grooves is out today! Featuring a collection of various EDM styles: Dubstep, Trance, Ambient, grime, it’s all in there! The album is released through my publisher, Songbroker. Wanna use the tracks for your latest commercial, movie or video? Get in touch!


80 tracks for

I had the privilege of being invited to compose 80 audio tracks for, the world’s greatest source for online video making! My tracks are available for use with the video maker page on

I composed tracks in a range of styles for this project including acoustic, action, ambient, cheerful, children, fashion, happy, hip-hop, holidays, romance, meditation, hip-hop and workout.

Need music for your next project? Get in touch today!

5 Star Review for “Makes Me Smile EP!”

My new EP, “Makes Me Smile” has just got a 5 OUT OF 5 STARS review on the “Music Net NZ” website!

The reviewer wrote:

Ahjay Stelino has written some fantastic songs that require to chill, find a comfy couch and listen to the way the music tells a story in each song. The is a lot of space, dynamically and instrumentally to allow for each song to breath. It is something I haven’t heard in a while. It’s clear, clean and enjoyable.

The first song Are We Home Yet feels like a song a kid would be singing to themselves. It’s a wonderful flashback to the times of being young again, when we didn’t know the world was what it is now. Innocence.

While short and sweet, Makes Me Smile is a soft little ditty that certainly makes me smile. My only complaint here was that at just under two minutes, I would have loved to have heard more.

Eating My Mortgage For Breakfast brings the rock in a bluesy sort of way. A complete 180 to what we had heard in the first two songs. Crack up lyrics that I can relate to, it works well with a guitar solo to boot.

Book Of Love returns back to the softer side of things and showcases Ahjay’s guitar playing again. Strings and softly tapped drums lay down the foundation for this song. Its fantastic stuff.

Finally, Happy Holidays is a song played mainly on Ukulele. It is a song that Ahjay won an award at the adult category of the NZ Ukulele Songwriting Awards. Again, a soft little song that would make you smile and be happy.

Overall, I really enjoyed the amount of depth to this EP. Lyrically, it is a joy. Such descriptive and story like lyrics that are backed up by the perfectly arranged lyrics. It is something I would enjoy listening to in my car after a terrible day to cheer me up. It is something I would listen to when I feel on top of the world and want to keep that feeling going.

Well done Ahjay. I thoroughly enjoyed this and would love to hear more.”

You can also read the review online at the NZ Music Net Website.

Makes Me Smile EP Out Now

My brand new EP, MAKES ME SMILE is out now. Taking a different route, this set of songs is composed for adults rather than for kids! All the songs have been composed, arranged and recorded by myself at my Stelino Studios here in Auckland, New Zealand. Mixing and mastering has been done by Canada’s Adam Fulton at Mix Medics!

Listen on Spotify

Wanna Be Like a Kiwi EP

Ahjay’s Brand New EP!

Ahjay Stelino’s “Wanna Be Like a Kiwi” is a uniquely New Zealand collection of songs! Through music the kiwi bird will show how being different is OK, discover about change through the colours of New Zealand, identify New Zealand coins in a flash and learn all about our native owl, the Morepork. A must have addition to any parent’s or classroom’s music collection.

All the songs were recorded, arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered by Ahjay at his personal studio, Stelino Studios.




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