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“I found the overall concept of this resource exciting, not only as a means of facilitating more meaningful musical engagement when a registered music therapist may not be available, but also as an excellent opportunity to spread further awareness of our profession (music therapy) in a very approachable way” – NEW ZEALAND JOURNAL OF MUSIC THERAPY – Album Review, Issue 14, 2016

This fantastic album deserves a place in every parent’s box of tricks. As a therapeutic album, Music Therapy Songs for Special Kids hits the spot. It reaches out and touches on a range of curriculum areas and pulls the listener in to participating in a super fun way. It’s enjoyable to listen to as an adult and isn’t that the most important thing? I foresee lots of happy giggles accompanying these songs being played! – ALBUM REVIEW FROM


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Monkey Monkey Sitting on a tree, monkey monkey singing to me, monkey monkey can I sing along, he said why not, let’s rock! – Monkey Monkey

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